Welcome to WFM Labs

A Community Reinventing Workforce Management

About Us

WFM Labs is an organization formed by workforce management professionals seeking to reinvent the next-generation approach to successfully operating contact centers. It is time to look at the workforce management framework in a new light, where employees are prioritized first and where automation & simulation technologies can be leveraged to benefit employees.  

Our principles include:

  • Collaboration: WFM Labs is a collection of open-source projects that can accept changes submitted by anyone.
  • Adoption and remixing: WFM Labs tests new ideas, processes, and creative approaches to be used by anyone seeking to improve their workforce management practices. Our members can leverage anything published here, whether a method or algorithm. All contact centers are unique; adoption and remixing are crucial when leveraging new ideas!
  • Transparency: Anyone can inspect this open-source project for errors or inconsistencies—transparency matters for our community.

Why You Should Join Us

We all have unique experiences in the industry. Sharing your insights, learnings, wins, and even failures helps us develop a better service. As a result, we're all more robust as a community!  

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all who have helped bring this community together. We have significant challenges for the coming decade, and by joining as a community, we can tackle some of the most challenging problems facing contact centers and customer service organizations. Workforce management can indeed be the catalyst for reinventing customer service!